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MDHSA Diploma Program Approved Evaluators

The following are evaluators who have applied and been approved to evaluate secondary students for the MDHSA Diploma Program. If an evaluator would like to evaluate for the MDHSA Diploma Program, he should fill in the online form found HERE and follow those instructions. Please see the requirements for evaluators in the Diploma Program/Evaluators section. If s/he does not have internet access, s/he should contact MDHSA for instructions.

Note: Some evaluators who are non-residents of PA have been approved by PA school districts to evaluate PA homeschool students. These are usually evaluators who live near the state line. In their case, the address will be their correct address, but the “county” will refer to the area that they evaluate in PA, which may include nearby counties as well.

H- Designates evaluators who are able to pre-approve for “handicapped.” All evaluators may evaluate special needs students, but only special education teachers, or licensed clinical psychologists may pre-approve the objectives that are must be submitted to the school district before home educating those students.

T- Designates those evaluators who are willing to travel a distance to evaluate students.

E – Designates those evaluators who also evaluate elementary students.

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First Name~Last Name~City~County~State~Phone~Most Recent Update~H~T~E~Public?~
Merry Parshall Dover York PA 7172921791 5/9/16 E Yes
Barbara Borgal Fawn Grove York PA 6144647581 4/25/13 E Yes
Kellie Thompson Hellam York PA 717-252-6190 3/8/14 Yes
Laurie Houser Dillsburg York PA 717-432-5494 2012 ? H T E Yes
Gail Kollmar Spring Grove York PA 717-225-0102 June 2015 E Yes
Shelly Taylor Etters York PA 7179381135 01/31/2016 E Yes
Lisa Reidsema Tunkhannock Wyoming Pennsylvania 5702407743 5/2/2014 H T E Yes
Maryalice Newborn Export Westmoreland PA 7243252276 4/3/13 Yes
Lynn Kasprzyk Apollo Westmoreland PA 7244485261 4/24/13 Yes
Margot Davidson Lake Ariel Wayne Pa 5706475133 4/3/13 E Yes
Jennifer Cole Bethlehem USA PA 610-419-8505 10/4/2014 T E Yes
Christine Turcotte-White Agawam United States of America MA 413-519-9910 November 12, 2013 E Yes
Kimberly Palm Allenwood Union PA 5704526056 4/9/13 Yes
Cynthia Beeman Kingsley Susquehanna PA 5702890958 4/04/13 E Yes
Robert Lamkin, Jr. Hollsopple Somerset PA 8142885785 04/3/13 E Yes
Marcella Howell Schuylkill Haven Schuylkill PA 570-754-4182 05/08/13 Yes
Lisa Bonocore Tafton Pike PA 570-290-3575 1/1/14 T E Yes
Pamela Powles Philadelphia Philadelphia PA (215) 463-4441 7/12/13 E Yes
Audrey Johnson Philadelphia Philadelphia PA 2155484333 4/25/13 H E Yes
Shannon Schultz Philadelphia Philadelphia PA 215-427-1246 June 9, 2014 T E Yes
Robyn Saunders Elverson Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 6108581906 April 9 2015 E Yes
Nicole Hanlon Sinking Spring PA - Pennsylvania PA - Pennsylvania 6108044254 2005 E Yes
Kim Kucherer Felton PA PA 7179276396 4/3/13 T E Yes
Keith Walters Waynesboro PA PA 7177493802 4/9/13 H T E Yes
Patricia Mahaney Wind Gap Northampton PA 5705781874 4/4/13 H T E Yes
Julie Engler Wind Gap Northampton PA 6107460409 8/25/14 H E Yes
Kathleen Thomas Nazareth Northampton PA 6106533575 4/22/13 T E Yes
Mindy Houge Lansdale Montgomery, Dauphin PA 570-336-9398 5/21/2014 T E Yes
Brian Knaub Pennsburg Montgomery PA 2152564971 4/10/13 E Yes
Beth Carpenter Schwenksville Montgomery PA 6107213187 4/15/13 T Yes
Joy McCuen Hatboro Montgomery PA 2156756134 4/19/13 H E Yes
Sharon Reynolds Harleysville Montgomery PA 2152569652 6/23/13 H E Yes
Lisa Boyle Glenside Montgomery PA 267-918-9807 January 13, 2014 T E Yes
susan pritt royersfor montgomery pa 610-495-8479 june 27 2014 T E Yes
Lynne Eppehimer Schwenksville Montgomery PA 610-906-6267 i do not know E Yes
Nadene Bickel Hatboro Montgomery PA 215-630-9456 4/22/2015 H T E Yes
Rebeca Ortiz Canadensis Monroe PA 2015434388 4/3/13 T E Yes
Andrea Jacoby Kunkletown Monroe PA 5706200801 5/4/13 E Yes
Maria Ann Geffers Canadensis Monroe PA 570-676-5559 MDHSA OFFICE H T E Yes
Jill Fleming Allensville Mifflin PA 7174830193 July 30, 2013 E Yes
Cheri Hollenbaugh Mercer Mercer PA 724-992-0279 11/5/2013 E Yes
Rosemary Rohrbach Muncy Lycoming PA 5705466796 4/1713 H E Yes
Margaret Weaver Williamsport Lycoming PA 570-772-9552 11-5-2014 T E Yes
Carolyn McKeon Williamsport Lycoming PA 570-916-1376 May 24, 2016 T E Yes
Leslie Meeder Muncy Lycoming PA 5705469500 June 15, 2016 E Yes
Amy Reese Drums Luzerne PA 570-956-8416 5/2013 T E Yes
Christine Gurzler Drums Luzerne PA 5707518032 today E Yes
Timothy Anger Emmaus Lehigh PA 4845190109 4/2/13 Yes
Karen Orlemann Allentown Lehigh PA (610) 4424991 June 25, 2013 E Yes
Paula Montijo Lebanon Lebanon PA (717) 639-5105 5/2013 H E Yes
Marjorie Wright Myerstown Lebanon PA 717-933-4936 09/2014 T E Yes
Karen Fahnestock Lebanon Lebanon PA 7178652115 10/31/16 E Yes
Amy Tillett Palmyra Lebanon PA 7172791419 0/00/00 E Yes
Dr. Jarrett Chapman New Castle Lawrence PA 724-674-8535 1/28/16 E Yes
Jane Biggerstaff Lititz Lancaster, Berks PA 7173684831 4/3/13 E Yes
James Strickler Mountville Lancaster and Franklin PA 717-285-2221 May 17, 2013 T E Yes
Michelle Deckard Lititz Lancaster PA 7172034870 3/31/13 T E Yes
Barb Morrison Lancaster Lancaster PA 7173971722 10/8/13 H T E Yes
Renita Gerlach Lititz Lancaster PA 7176274335 4/3/13 Yes
Kathryn Walker Leola Lancaster PA 7175729015 4/3/13 T Yes
Karen Davis Christiana Lancaster PA 7176820013 6/4/15 H T E Yes
Debbie Moyer Quarryville Lancaster PA 6105974438 4/4/13 T E Yes
Bonni Greiner Manheim Lancaster PA 7176656854 4/3/13 E Yes
Steve Schulz Brownstown Lancaster PA 7176562499 4/4/13 T Yes
Karen Byers Leola Lancaster PA 7176568280 04/07/13 H E Yes
Ellen Campbell Lancaster Lancaster PA 7173930953 4/8/13 T E Yes
Mary Elizabeth Youtz Mountville Lancaster PA 7172857954 4/8/13 T E Yes
Maria Russo Lancaster Lancaster PA 7175693750 4/11/13 E Yes
Courtney Dunlap East Earl Lancaster PA 7179513792 4/14/13 H E Yes
Carol Henson Willow Street Lancaster PA 7173688119 4/22/13 E Yes

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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